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[- OOC Information -]

Name: Yubsie
Do you play any other characters in Outer Divide? Mordin Solus and Kaylee Frye

[- Character Information -]

Character Name: Wes Janson
Fandom: Star Wars
Canon Point: post-Starfighters of Adumar
Journal: [personal profile] kettchmeifyoucan

World History: N/A

Character History:

AU History: N/A

Previous Game History: Wes was in Mayfield for roughly a year and a half. His initial impression was that he probably would remember having a wife and kid and that the clothing was all incredibly dull.

His first true taste of Mayfield came when the entire town was thrown into a game of Assassins. Except instead of throwing a sock at their target, the inhabitants were required to actually kill each other. He quickly determined that his target was unlikely to harm anyone and intended to have nothing more to do with it. Until a teenaged boy came after him, at which point he had to struggle to live without being forced to kill a kid. Only through outside intervention did he succeed in those goals.

Wes was assigned a job as a used car salesman. He attempted to vent his frustration with being trapped on the ground by driving very fast and making plane noises.

On the Fourth of July, he suddenly found himself having been a fighter pilot in World War II and fighting Nazis. And having an annual barbecue despite having only been there for a few months.

It was more or less inevitable that as soon as Wes caught wind of a resistance movement, he immediately involved himself. Mayfield was a disturbing place and rebelling was kinda his thing. One of the things he found most frustrating about Mayfield was that it often lacked problems he could shoot.

Halloween was a particular eventful time, with a whole series of B-movie cliches. But the reason it was worth mentioning was the party that followed. There were no time period restrictions on costume choice, leading to a group dressed as characters from Star Wars. Wes took the news that there were movies about these events quite calmly, since there were already a large number of holodramas of varying accuracy in his home universe. His primary concern was whether he was in the movie. Priorities: Wes has them!

Wes was eventually assigned a teenaged “daughter”. Tyve was a student from a military academy that suddenly found itself on the front lines. Naturally, she carried emotional scars from this experience that Wes was uniquely qualified to help with. He quickly became very fond of the girl because of his own unpleasant experiences heading off to war at a young age. He also became highly protective of her.

In January, Luke Skywalker arrived. Except ten years younger than he should have been by all rights. Wes suddenly found himself in the awkward position of trying to avoid an awful lot of spoilers. Like the Vader thing. Especially the Vader thing.

Shortly afterwards, the resistance caught wind of the mysterious dairy being accessible. Wes was part of a strike team that took out a mysterious machine. In fact, the last thing said before the boom was “I sure hope not!” in response to Garviel’s cry of “FOR THE EMPEROR!” as he hurled a grenade. Of course, this was not so much a victory as... accidentally taking out the resurrection mechanism. Attempts by the town to restore resurrection involved grotesque surgeries. Wes found himself with a pair of wings that didn’t work, but did redirect a lot of blood flow. Despite his own discomfort, he tried to help other “patients” as he considered himself to be somewhat responsible for the whole mess, even if he didn’t throw the grenade. He was still bound and determined to keep at the whole resistance thing though.

After Luke, numerous other familiar faces arrived, all from earlier than he was. It was fairly straightforward with Leia. But then Padme arrived and seemed like any pretty girl looking for the spaceport. So Wes took the natural course of action and hit on her.

Wes hit on Darth Vader’s wife. This bears repeating.

April brought an event that was simply made for him: A prank war. Most attempts to prank him were pure amateur hour, leading him to issue pranking report cards. Including one to Death. Death did not score well. Wes, of course, insisted on elaborate jokes on each of his assigned targets. As well as Obi-Wan Kenobi, because despite not being assigned him as a target, Wes wanted to be able to say he pranked a Jedi Master.

Some time after his “daughter” was droned, Wes suddenly found himself with a whole new “family”. Specifically, he found himself “married” to Olivier Armstrong, leader of the resistance. By this time, he had found himself with a great deal of responsibility in the resistance. To the point that he found himself taking charge of the situation when many of the townsfolk were trapped in a carnival, including Olivier.

Shortly afterwards, the structural integrity of the town itself began to degrade, with walls occasionally losing their... wallness. In an attempt to help address the situation, Wes wound up venturing into the creepy void. Because he’s not famed for a particularly song sense of self preservation.

Olivier was eventually droned. His proximity to the resistance base due to their “marriage” meant that he wound up essentially in charge of the resistance movement... more or less by accident. But someone had to do it. Even if he did try to foist a lot of it off on Leia on account of her having led a rebellion before.

Things began to escalate quickly after that. The inhabitants own memories were overwritten, leading to the return of Wes’s memories of fighting goddamn Nazis. Struggles among the powers that be eventually led to the ability to regain proper memories... and the revelation that the inhabitants were duplicates. Wes was never terribly good at existential crises though. He figured he was still himself and whatever form his life was apparently taking, he was going to keep on making the most of it. Which meant that, when the town started to go to hell, he flew a large group clear in a rather small speeder.

Personality: The most immediately obvious aspect of Wes's personality is his sense of humour. He is famed in Starfighter Command for his near constant jokes and pranks. Notably, he was responsible for the creation of the fictitious Ewok pilot "Lieutenant Kettch" and the wanderings of a stuffed toy by that name. This is also the origin of his famous catchphrase "Yub yub, Commander", essentially a statement that yes, of course he has been joking this entire time.

While he is generally a very light hearted man, there is serious reasoning behind many of his antics. This is not a cheerful facade to hide some inner pain, however. He is simply extremely aware that he is essentially living on borrowed time and wishes to know that he has enjoyed his life more than whoever eventually does him in. Having come through the worst years of the Rebellion, he wishes to get as much out of life as he can. Many of his somewhat childish antics stem from his firm belief that "You can't look dignified when you're having fun." This approach to life is what led him to giving the existential crisis a miss and just keep right on living his life in whatever form it took.

It is important to note that although he does want to make the most of his life, he is also well aware that there is a time and a place for jokes. When faced with a potentially life or death situation, he will become extremely serious. It's one thing to goof off before a meeting, but quite another to be anything except focused when shots are fired. While the exact reason that he joined the Rebellion is not known, it is clear that he was extremely determined to bring the Empire down. This is also most likely how he wound up leading a resistance movement by accident.

Wes is extremely loyal to his comrades and the ideals of the Rebellion. While he often teases his squadmates, he always has their backs. He will stay out all night standing guard for a friend... though said friend can expect a good deal of ribbing come morning if it was for a romantic rendezvous. He is always willing to help his fellow pilots work through the many psychological stresses inherent to their job This is often from his greater experience at losing friends in battle. He can be easily sparked to anger when confronted with something that runs utterly against his ideals. Notably, the lethal Adumari honour duels managed to banish all mirth. Less admirably, this is also the source of a temper that gets him into bar fights. He is far more suited to combat than anything fit for polite society in peace time.

He is often boastful about his exploits, but he has the skills to back his claims up. Like many pilots, he can be a bit full of himself. However, he is calm and collected in combat, even when faced with impossible situations such as shooting down a pilot on his own side. That particular incident is not something he likes to talk about, but he was eventually able to make peace with the son of that pilot. Had that not been possible, he was willing to take a transfer as he considered the cohesion of the squadron to be of utmost importance. He is also known for extreme courage, never hesitating to put his life at risk in order to protect others. It was once noted that he could probably build a fort out of all his commendations for bravery. It would not be entirely out of character for him to do so.

Wes fancies himself somewhat of a ladies' man, however he has fairly limited success. He does flirt quite shamelessly, but never ends up in a notable relationship. Also, one time he hit on Darth Vader’s wife. This has not proven to be a lesson he took to heart.

Powers/Abilities: Wes is an extremely talented pilot, having flown with the incredibly elite Rogue Squadron. Additionally, he is an expert marksman both in and out of the cockpit, with training in a wide variety of weapons. From his time with Wraith Squadron, he is also quite adept at intelligence and infiltration operations. As long as he remembers to check both boots for his cover documentation. He is a creative problem solver both in battle and in coming up with elaborate practical jokes.

- Hideous orange flightsuit
- Blaster pistol
- Blastsword
- Truly terrifying cloak
- Sabaac deck
- Datapad

Arrival: Ship

[- Writing Samples -]

Network Sample: Always with you what must be punned

Log Sample:
It was the waiting Wes hated. Once something was actively trying to kill him, everything always got easier. At least then he could do something, even if that something was try to kill the other guy while not dying himself. Active combat was straightforward.

Waiting though. You had to keep your edge. There was no telling when it was going to end. He knew when it should end according to the plan. But he also knew how long those plans typically held together. He still expected to end up playing the role that had him hold up on this roof with a blaster trying to keep his legs from falling asleep without attracting attention. He trusted his squadmates to get their jobs done. But the odds of the exact sequence of events leading up to that going as planned... well, no matter what planet they were from, Rogues always had a certain Corellian style disregard for the odds.

Would the signal come early? Late? From an entirely different place than he was expecting? Seeing the future was Jedi business. Guys like him? They just waited. He wasn’t bad at it, exactly. He could sit around and not blow their cover with the best of them. It was just the part of the job he really didn’t care for.

He spotted the flare, as expected not quite where he expected. He scrambled across the roof to compensate. This, at least, was a problem he could shoot.
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Rogue Five, standing by.
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Mun: Yubsie
Email: Yubsie at gmail dot com
AIM: Yubs 42

Journal PMs are also always an option!
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Since someone has already asked me about this and Star Wars is Star Wars, I thought I'd stick this up here.

Basically, I don't mind as long as it makes sense. Star Wars is mentioned as being fiction in so many fandoms that I realize this might come up. With Wes being a minor character I wouldn't expect characters who aren't pretty hardcore Star Wars fans to recognize him, but if he starts talking about things which are clearly from Star Wars, go right ahead.
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Okay, looks like we've gotten a bit more snow than usual. I'm sure the kids have already figured out what to do about this, but some of the adults might need a reminder. I want everyone to grab... a sled, a scrap of plastic, an old door, trays from the diner, something flat and smooth that you can sit on and head for the hill. It's time to go sledding.

[Streets of Mayfield]

[Wes is greeting people as he follows his own instructions with a sled]

Isn't this great?

[A hill in Mayfield]

[There is a full grown man at the top of the hill getting ready to sled down it]
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[Action 1: Streets of Mayfield]

[Wes is examining the giant everything attacking the town and coming to a fairly obvious conclusion]

Okay, those are big. So the question here is... what would Ewoks do?

[Action 2: Outside the Hardware Store]

[Wes is coming out of the store with coils upon coils of rope]

Go after them with harpoons and tow cables. Just like AT-ATs.

[Action 3: Park]

[And of course, Ewok tactics require trees. Wes can be found tying rope to the trees to make giant monster trip wires.]
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[Action: Morning, Mayfield Used Car Lot]

[Wes has decided to liven up his job today in his usual way. The town really shouldn't have given him back Lieutenant Kettch back if they didn't want this happening.

Anyone wandering through the lot will find a life sized toy Ewok hiding in a car.]

[Action, Afternoon, Park]

[Wes really was just walking home. But he can't resist the temptation to pop Kettch out from behind a tree.]

Yub yub!

[Action, Evening, Shooting Range]

[Wes has set Kettch in a corner while he practices with his blaster. He's just about to take a break]
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I am not a Communist. I am still not entirely certain as to what that is. But since confessions of teachery seem to be going around, I guess I ought to get this out there:

I am a member of the Rebel Alliance. Those loyal to the Empire would be the first to tell you that makes me a traitor.

I, on the other hand, am proud to have fought against their tyranny. Proud of almost all of it.

Except for my first kill being a member of my own squadron.
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Don't forget, my traditional Fourth of July barbecue is today! Hope to see you all out, I've bought all sorts of food!

[Action: 727 Anderson]

[Wes is taking breaks from grilling to greet his guests with a wide grin]

Happy Independence Day!

Wait... independence... something about independence...

Mission 2

Jun. 28th, 2011 10:38 pm
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[Action: Mayfield Used Car Lot]

[Wes is talking to a drone customer with great enthusiasm, but little effect]

No, I'm telling you, adding a racing stripe will definitely improve your car experience. It's just what you need! I'll throw it in for free as a favour from the goodness of my heart.

[Action: Shooting Range]

[Wes is practicing with his fairly recently regained blaster. It's... a bit flashier than what's available at the hardware store]

Mission 1

Apr. 13th, 2011 09:34 pm
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[Action, 727 Anderson Lane]

[Wes is no stranger to waking up in places he doesn't remember falling asleep in. He's not used to doing so without a hangover though.]

Kriff, what was I up to last night?

[He eventually makes his way out of the bedroom and is greeted by a drone child shouting 'Daddy!']

Whoah, whoah, I'm sure I would remember that. Did General Antilles put you up to this?

[Action, the streets of Mayfield]

Hey, do you know where the nearest spaceport is? Or a holocomm? I'm not on leave, I need to get this sorted out.

[Action, Menswear]

[Having been informed that he is apparently here for a while, Wes is going through clothing trying to find something that suits his style. It's going about as well as it does for anyone.]

Bland, bland, dull, bland...
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